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AmainSolutions, the IBM Lotus Notes and IBM Lotus Domino expert.

AmainSolutions can offer their clients the applications, services and expertise necessary to fully utilise their investment in Lotus Notes solutions. Applications, consultancy, education/training and support are provided from one organisation only.

This one stop shopping approach ensures clients of an excellent harmony and smooth integration of different areas.



The AmainSolutions UserManager is the most complete, most efficient Lotus Notes user management solution currently available. The UserManager has the added advantage that it's an out-of-the-box application, which means that it is immediately ready for use. It gives you total control over your Lotus Notes system's users.


The ArchiveManager has been developed to simplify the task of mail archiving. It simplifies to whole process and it offers you much more control. It's completely transparent for the users.


The MailCollector of AmainSolutions makes it possible to retrieve e-mail from multiple POP3 accounts on the Lotus Domino server. Every user can create and maintain their own POP3 accounts. The retrieved emails can be forwarded to the specified user.


The employees of AmainSolutions are highly qualified specialized Lotus Notes/Domino professions. Their skills can be used for short or long-term projects, like:


AmainSolutions has done a lot of successful migrations. If doesn't matter if you migrate from Lotus Notes to Sharepoint or from Sharepoint to Lotus Notes, AmainSolutions has the tooling and expertise to assist you with the migration. A migration is not complete until the organisational changes are in place. AmainSolutions is willing to advice you.

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